Instructional Technology


This Site is designed to provided students with handouts necessary

for the completion required projects.


Links are only available during the quarter the class is being offered.


You will not be able to save changes to the documents on the server.

When working on assignments it is necessary to

Download the files to your computer.

Handouts for IT 344 Files to use for class assignments.

If you do not have a High Speed Internet connection you may want to wait to download these during class.

Be sure to have your USB Flash Drive at all class sessions.

Handouts for IT 442
Handouts for IT 444
Handouts for IT 544
Extra Material Miscellaneous Materials that may be used in all courses
NOTE: After downloading files to your computer be sure to check the “Properties” of the files to be sure the “Read-only” check box is clear.
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Updated 03/03/2011