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On this website, you will find links to the classes I currently teach at NSCC and their material, including course syllabus, active learning exercises (ALEs), group activity problems, laboratory protocols, quizzes, exams and their keys.  Use the appropriate link to access material for your course.

Course specific announcements are shown in the course webpages, as well as information pertaining to school closure or class cancellations. Below is a brief introduction of these courses.

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CHE 101 CHEMISTRY: This is the first in three introductory chemistry series for the non-science majors entering paramedical and allied health fields such as nursing, dental hygiene, nutrition, etc. No prior chemistry knowledge is required. Topics covered include energy and matter, elements and compounds, chemical equations and quantities, acids and bases, common solutions, gases and gas laws, and nuclear radiation.
CHE 102

CHEMISTRY: This is the second course in introductory chemistry series for the non-science majors . It surveys organic chemistry and is intended to provide a throughout understanding of various organic chemistry concepts and principles, including learning chemical nomenclature, the role of functional groups in organic compounds, and learning general organic chemistry technique in addition to introduction of biochemistry fundamentals.



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