Iím an Air Force brat who went to over 10 public schools all over the country while growing up.† Iím fairly well-traveled: some countries Iíve visited are Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Italy, England, Australia, and our neighboring countries Canada and Mexico.


I graduated from a 5-year Aerospace Engineering program in 3-1/2 years while working two jobs and coordinating activities as a high officer in all the major student organizations in my field.  I was in the top 10% of my class and appointed the highest honor of Student of the Year for one of the largest AE programs in the world.  One of my jobs was aircraft mechanic in the Naval Reserves where I worked on C-130s and C-9s.


I also have a masterís in Chemical Physics and a Ph.D. in theoretical High-energy or Particle Physics.  As a graduate student, I was a 4-time intramural champion, all in different sports, competing in a student body pool of over 35,000.  One of these sports was softball, where I was the team captain.  During my final year as a graduate student, I was the team captain for the newly re-established womenís table tennis team, and we won the NCAA regional championships that year.  I had the most professional publications in the shortest amount of time of any graduate student in my department.


I prefer mountains and lakes over beaches.  I like video games.  Games Iíve played/completed within the past year are Dragon Age, Demonís Souls, Deathspank, Portal & Portal 2.  I love animals and reptilesóall of them.  I'm a naturally gifted computer programmer and administrator.


I always got the highest grade in all my English and writing courses, both technical and creative.  Those skills have deteriorated with the onslaught of online chatting and texting.  In elementary school, I was a major class clown.  Iím easily embarrassed when praised.  Nowadays, in some situations, I try to be a bit goofy and self-deprecating to come across approachable and put people at ease.  After all, trying to intimidate is super lame, and itís important to learn to laugh at yourself.  I really like to help people who appreciate it and arenít trying to take advantage.  Iím also a master karaoke singer...no, no Iím not.