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Welcome to my mathematics teaching and learning website. I am currently teaching mathematics (and Physics!) at Shoreline and North Seattle Community College. I put this website together to begin to collect my ideas about teaching (mostly mathematics). In addition, I was hoping to create an online resource for my current students and maybe give future students a way to get some information about me. The links at the left are the way to get to those thoughts...


Since I'm just a thirty-something dude at the beginning of my career I thought I'd spice up my page with a link to one of the most famous names in mathematics. Check out my main man pythagoras... He was a pretty awesome dude - I'm no pythagorean historian so you should go read up on him. The pythagorean theorem is just one side of the coin to this multidimensional legendary figure (hmm... it seems like I may have mixed my metaphors poorly there). I'm still working on things on the site so be forgiving - web design is not my strong point. In some browsers on some computers a lot of the text is to be found down below. I'll get around to fixing it some day!

Last updated 2/24/13

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       Classes I'm Currently Teaching
   Math 081 - Basic Math
   Math 107 - Math In Society

   Math 142 - PreCalculus II

   Classes I'm Teaching Next Quarter
   I'm off to Kentucky and the next adventure!:
Here is an updated version of all the courses I have taught at Shoreline and North Seattle Community Colleges.