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HIST& 214: Pacific Northwest History

 North Seattle Community College

Summer 2009


Instructor: Dr. Brian Casserly

Office Hours: Monday-Thursday, 8.30-9am, and by appointment


Welcome to HIST& 214!  Together we will spend the next eight weeks developing our skills as historians while exploring the history of the Pacific Northwest.  We will examine a number of themes in Pacific Northwest History, including:

  • The relationship between peoples living in the region and their environment

  • Relations between various groups of people who have lived in the area since the late 18th century

  • How the region has fit into patterns of global market capitalism and the development of nation states.

For more information on the class make sure to read the Syllabus, Schedule and Assignments pages. 

I am available to meet with students individually during my office hours (or by appointment) to discuss any questions or problems you may have about any aspect of the course.

I reserve the right to make changes to this website or any aspect of the course as I may see fit over the course of the quarter.  It is each student's responsibility to regularly check the schedule and assignments pages and their e-mail account in WebCT for possible changes.  This site and its contents (with the exception of material owned by other copyright holders) is copyrighted by Brian Casserly and should not be used without permission.

  Brian Casserly, 2009

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