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A beneficent Uncle Sam: Tacoma and Pierce County look forward to federal largesse in the form of an new army post at American Lake. The post would become Fort Lewis, epitomizing the close links that developed between the U.S. military and the Pacific Northwest during the 20th century. (Tacoma Daily Ledger, January 5, 1917)


The following websites are useful sources of information on the history of the Pacific Northwest:


Progressive Era Reform in Seattle city government, Seattle Star, October 24, 1910. The woman voter is pictured sweeping from office Mayor Hiram Gill, Police Chief Charles "Wappy" Wappenstein, and various others labeled "Krook," "Undesirable," and "Pink Cuff."  Many observers believed Gill and Wappenstein tolerated the city's profitable prostitution and gambling industries in exchange for payoffs.  The cartoon argues that if Washington women were granted the vote, they would be central to cleaning up city government by removing from office various corrupt officials.  A referendum granting women the vote passed in 1910.  As predicted, Women were key participants in a special election held in early 1911 that recalled Mayor Gill and (at least temporarily) cleaned up the city's vice industry.

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