Psychology 220, Abnormal Psychology

Fall 2018


How to see your grades



Readings For Wednesday October 3


Efran, (2007) Defining Psychotherapy---go to syllabus, use the table of contents to jump down to the instructions in how to get this document


Meadows, (1997) Places to intervene in a system--got to syllabus and jump down to get this full article.


Readings For Wednesday September 26


Myth of Mental illness


The Americanization of Mental Illness



Learning Objectives

Learning Objectives Unit 5

Learning Objectives Unit 4

Learning Objectives Unit 3

Learning Objectives Unit 2

Learning Objectives Unit 1



Reading/Writing Assignment


PTSD Assignment --- Due Friday 10/19

Make up lost day --- Due Wednesday 10/22

social support and suicide ---Due Wed Nov 7   

Last 3 readings  -- Due Wed 11/28, 12/3