Extra Credit


Log into the college library to use Proquest Direct to locate information. You will enter your student ID and last name to log on.

Write journal article summaries from DIFFERENT professional publications on business topics of interest to you. Below are some articles I've found interesting, over the years.

This should be equivalent to a one page, double spaced written article summary naming the author, title, publication, and date, along with your summary of what the author was attempting to communicate to the reader. Be sure to include your personal thoughts about this information.

Each article summary or net exercise is worth 1 point for a maximum of 10 extra credit points.  Extra credit is accepted until the last day of classes on campus (not the last day of finals).

You may also review and write a summary about the information on any of the following links. Some are recent and some are older.

Living in some "Green" Cities" of the future.               Forest City                          Masdar City

If only tech were a force for good

Chena Power - Geothermal Renewable Energy

When Robots become like humans. How do you feel about it?  Meet Sophia 

Windbelt electrical wind powered generator demo

On YouTube   “Printing Solar Panels in the Backyard”      3 D printing of solar panels

Solar Paint | RMIT University  creating hydrogen from paint

Spray-On Solar Cells: The Future of Solar Energy

South Pacific island ditches fossil fuels to run entirely on solar power  November 2016

Elon Musk and the total package from Solar City April 2017

Elon Musk says robots will push us to a universal basic income—here’s how it would work 

 3 D Printing at the UW

How Unequal Can America Get?  a talk by Robert Reich

Is Norwegian Style Socialism the way?

The 10 Commandments of Wealth and Happiness

The Factory Next Door to you in Suburbia           And the video for The Factory Next Door

Are you a Self Starter  The Entrepreneur Test 

The Millennials are coming.

Why Do They Hate Us?   Thomas Friedman, New York Times Columnist & Author

Compare two countries way of doing business by reviewing their business culture guides

"Will the Kitchen Please Shut Up" by Richard Wolkomir,   Smithsonian, Sept 1999

Benetton Clothes Tracking with Micro-chip

Micro-loan Banking for the poor

Pointers on how to create business websites that work

"The Next Society"  The Economist  Peter Drucker, November 3, 2001

The Kingdomality Personal Preference Profile

 Social Security......Privatize or keep the same

It's a Flat World, After All by Thomas Friedman

er All by Thomas Friedman