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Hello! My name is Cate, and I am an early adopter in the Sustainable or Green Building Industry. I have teamed with North Seattle Community College to bring the Real Estate Professional Community on board of the Green Wave that is washing over the building industry.

I emerged on the ground floor of the green building trend. I was promoting green  building to the construction industry before it was called "green building." It has been an interesting and productive journey, but now green building has become mainstream and it is imperative to your success that you understand the basics of green building.

Non-profits hold a special place in my heart. Please check out some of the other Green Building Organizations that have driven the community of Sustainable and Green Building. I truly hope that you go out there, as someone interested in knowing more about green building, and get involved with these unique organizations that are out there now and have been for many years. They will provide experience and networking opportunities found nowhere else and provide opportunities for you to give back positive energy into the community.

Please feel free to browse the web site to learn more about my classes, my background and my interests.