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Cesily M. Crowser

Parent Education Instructor

Department of Health and Humanities

North Seattle Community College

(206) 526-7796


This page is still under construction…please feel free to look around.  Just remember to wear your hard hat. <J 

Hello, welcome to my web page.  I have been teaching Parent Education since 2002. I have also worked as a Family Support Worker for Seattle Schools, and as a volunteer Parent Education Instructor at the Ardell Mitchell House (a shelter for homeless teenage mothers). In 2007, I was excited and honored to be beginning a new phase in my career by becoming a full-time faculty member at North Seattle Community College.  I have 2 children; a teenage daughter Victoria, and a not quite teenage son Phillip.  So you know, with 2 young kids everything I bring to you for Parent Education has been first applied and tried at my house.  I teach parenting from the perspective that the best parents are those that truly know their children, what developmental stage they are in, what their temperament is and how as a parent you can best support them in becoming the wonderful individual you want them to be.  A graduate of Occidental College in Los Angeles, I am a trained facilitator in Teaching Parenting the Positive Discipline Way, as well as a trainer for Page Ahead a literacy program here in Washington state. 


It is my belief that there are no parenting experts, just those of us that work hard to be good parenting resources.  I strive to be the best resource for my students and to offer as much information as possible on topics that are pertinent to parenting young/and not so young children.  It is in that realm that I have created this web page for you to use as pathway to information on different parenting topics. 




As of September 2009, I have started a blog.  The main purpose of this is to retell lessons from my daily visits into the world of the 2-5 yr old.  Most importantly, I am hoping that this becomes a way to share those moments when something we learned/discussed in our parent education time was successfully applied in the classroom/lab thus giving continuity to the lesson and a sense of how to practically apply our discussions.

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