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My Voice Teaching Philosophy

I teach what some call "functional vocal technique," for the most part, integrating the approaches of Cornelius Reid and Richard Miller. My approach strives to obtain a healthy, flexible and expressive sound regardless of musical style or genre, but the genre with which I am most familiar are classical art song and opera. I have a good grasp of musical comedy (both classic and contemporary pop styles), and I personally enjoy jazz (though I do not coach it, stylistically). My previous and present students include choristers and choir singers, soloists in classical art song and opera, pop/rock vocalists, and professional actors. They run a range from complete novices of musical and vocal training to active and experienced professional performers. I believe in approaching each student uniquely and individually. The students guide me in their needs, as I guide them in vocal function.

I do not accompany song literature. An outside pianist is not used for technique lessons, and I do technical work with song literature without a pianist, still achieving benefit and advancement. When the need for a pianist arises, a competent one will be suggested.