Class Information:


  North Seattle College's
MUSC 105.01

Music Appreciation

Monday through Friday 10:00 10:50 AM

Instructor:  Dr. Craig Grayson

Class Room: LB 1142 (Concert Hall)

What is Music?

Beginning with this broad, yet intriguing question, Music Appreciation draws from 1400 years of western music (600 CE - 2000 CE), including classical, jazz, and the trends and innovations of popular music. Music of the world is not neglected but is used to give context to western music and show the cross-cultural influences. Trends of technology in music (both in performance and listening enjoyment) will be integrated, as it pertains to the development of composition and performance styles.

Emphasis is placed upon listening skills and recognition of the different broad musical styles. Some reflective writing will occur, and significant memorization of basic musical terms, as well as general concepts of music composition and theory will be required.

The Course Goals are:

   To experience the broad spectrum of Western Music

   To gain a deeper understanding of music and its composition

   To understand the historical, social, and cultural contexts of Western music making and composition

   To gain listening skills to help recognize the different styles and genres of Western music by ear

   To stimulate a desire to explore and consume a wide diversity of music and music performance

   To contemplate the meaning and purpose of music, both personally and socially


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