Class Information:


  North Seattle College's
MUSC 119.01

Beginning Group Instruction (Voice)

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 12:00 – 12:50 PM

Instructor:  Dr.Craig Grayson

Class Room: LB 1142 (Concert Hall)

Why do we sing?

There is something deeper, more emotional, and more spiritual that touches us, when we express ourselves in song. We hum and sing when we are at our happiest, and we wail and keen when we are at our saddest. This course hopes to introduce and foster the joy and fulfillment of singing to and for all ages, talents, and ambitions.

We will cover fundamental topics including strong and supple posture, natural and spontaneous breath, natural and efficient phonation, clear diction, strong stage presentation, complete text and music preparation, and the deep understanding and communication of that music and text.

This Course's Goals are:

   To recognize that singing is natural to all

   To discover that good singing is learnable through a technique, and is not, exclusively, a “gift”

   To consider why we sing, and what place it holds in our lives

   To gain basic tools to properly prepare music and yourself for performance

   To discover and experience the joys and special challenges of performing

   To be prepared to work respectfully and effectively with a pianist (aka an accompanist)

   To experience live, unamplified, vocal music in the classical and other genre

and most of all



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