Letter to Myself:

As you near completion of your ECE degree, here are a few basics you will want to remember having learned here [North Seattle Community College]. These are basic principles that, when put in place, will help you hold true to the person you are proud to have become during your education at North Seattle. So, remember to:

·        Be genuine with the parents.

·        Be patient with the children.

·        Only expect from children what they are capable of.

·        Only expect from the parents what they are capable of.

·        Resist labeling and cynicism.

·        Stay open-minded and focus on possibilities.

·        Be true to yourself, your values and interests.

·        Say No when you need to.

·        Question if you are unsure or don’t agree.

·        Show the children how much you love them.

·        Make room for others to share control (children, parents, the weather…).

·        Be positive and speak with positives.

·        Offer choices, helping the children to make wise decisions on their own terms.

These will be enough for now. You will never cease your learning. Remember the path of objective research and peer-assisted analysis so valuable in growing these ideals. Remember the real experiences which have proven their value. Remember to forgive your mistakes but to always do your best to avoid repeating them.

You have so many tools – documents, books, notes, portfolios and friends – to help you continue this process. Remember to use these resources to their fullest. Remember all that and learn more, too, and you will continue to respect and be proud of who you are with children.


Candice Hoyt