CANDICE HOYT, Instructor


Early Childhood Education

North Seattle Community College


COURSES (* = current: Winter 2011)


CCE 125: Program Planning (10W, 11SP)


CCE 135: Foundations of Early Learning  (10W)


CCE 145: Music & Creative Expression (10SP)


CCE 160: Connecting to Children

       ~ D1: Expressing Warmth (10W)

       ~ D2: Playing Responsively (10W)

*     ~ D3: Talking Informatively (10SP, 11W)

*     ~ D4: Attending to Initiative, Cooperation and Perseverance (10SP, 11W)


CCE 165: Understanding Literacy (10SU)


* CCE 175: Mathematics & Design (10SU, 11W)

      Learning Story Examples


CCE 185: Physical Education in Early Childhood (10SU, 11SP)


* CCE 195: Art for Young Children (10SU, 11W)


CCE 285: The Project Approach (10SP, 11SP)