NSCC Engineering Physics I
Phys 221.05
Summer Quarter, 2015

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There will be 8 graded homework assignments during the quarter, we will use WebAssign an online homework system.

Sign the textbook is optional you will have to sign up for webassign and pay the fee of 22.95$/student, you can pay online or buy an access card at the bookstore.

The access code for the class is:

There will be no extensions given for WebAssign homework unless extensions is granted to the whole class. Do not wait till the last minute to submite your assignment only to find your computer doesn’t connect to the Internet. For additional practice your should try as many end-of-chapter problems as possible. If you are stuck on one of the problems move on to another, ask questions on Piazza discussion board. I would be be glad to go other any problems you aren’t certain about. You should also read ahead of time the chapter being covered in class that week. Succesefull students typically spend 10-20 hours a week outside the of class to ensure they do well.

Schedule (tentative)

  • Homework 0 optional Intro to Webassign due date: June 30 10.50am
  • Homework 1 due Thursday, July 2 11:00pm
  • Homework 2 due Tuesday, July 7 11:00pm
  • Homework 3 due Tuesday, July 14 11:00pm
  • Homework 4 due Tuesday, July 21 11:00pm
  • Homework 5 due Tuesday, July 28 11:00pm
  • homework6 due Tuesday, August 4 11:00pm
  • homework7 due Tuesday, August 11 11:00pm
  • homework8 due Tuesday, August 20 11:00pm

Homework format

Homework should be submitted online via the Web assign page.

I encourage to work in groups on the homeworks, but submitted work should be your own work.

Many thanks to Michael Steffancin for provided materials.