NSCC Engineering Physics I
Phys 221.05
Summer Quarter, 2015

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Course information


  • Egor Klevak
    • Office: IB 2425C
    • email: Egor.Klevak [at] seattlecolleges.edu (but please ask questions on the discussion board)
    • Office hours: in class 45 minutes before class starts or by appointment

Class meeting times

Discussion board

Registered students should be able to access the Piazza discussion board. Which is very contemporary platform for getting you help fast and efficiently from your classmates and your instructor. Rather then emailing me questions, I encourage you to post your questions on Piazza.


  • Exams: 65%: We will have total of 4 exams.
    • Lowest exam grade is dropped
  • Homeworks 12% see Homeworks for more information and due dates.
  • Clicker questions 3% see Clicker and calculator for more information
  • Labs are worth 20% see Labs for more information
    • Lowest lab grade is dropped


Aditional help