Math 146.04 Fall 2015

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12/6: You can find the solutions to Friday's third test linked form the "Tests" page.

12/4: Apologies for the printing mishap with the third test. The proper file is on line, in the "Tests" page. Also the Take-Home Exam, and a sample (with solutions) is also available on that page

12/2: Please, take note of the extended hours offered by the Student Learning Center next week.

11/25: The promised additional discussion about the "Body Temperature" data is now acccessible form the "Additional Materials" page.

11/18: The solutions to our third homework are now linked from the "Homework" page. Also, a short page with examples of testing proportions has been added to the "Additional Materials" page.

11/16: The solutions to our second test are now linked from the "Tests" page

11/11: We will have an in-class test on Monday 11/16. The material covered will be basic descriptive statistics, and interval estimates. A sample test, which closely mimics the structure of the actual test, is linked from the "Tests" page. There will be no "cheatsheet" attached to the test, but you are urged to prepare your own, recording the relevant formulas needed to answer the questions. Similarly, you should bring the statistical tables needed to answer the questions. A (not necessarily scientific) calculator is recommended, but if you don't have one, you can leave the expressions that would be fed into the calculator, without evaluating them.

11/10: With apologies for the delay, due to a host of computer problems I had to deal with, the solutions to worksheets 4 and 5 are posted, linked from the Worksheet link below.

11/10: A worksheet applying our new tool, the Student distribution, to the estimate of the "true" mean (that is, the expectation) of the samples we first encountered in the first Stats worksheet is on line, with the solutions. Take note that this tool works fine with the first sample (which does come from a normal distribution), not so well with the second sample (which comes from a different distribution), and is awful on the last, which comes form a distribution that does not have a properly defined expectation, a situation that we can be faced with when looking at data originating from distributions with "fat tails", that is, where observations that seem "impossible", actually are likely to happen (recall the financial crash of 2007/2008 and the Fukushima earthquake, as examples).

11/9: We conclude our overview of confidence intervals with the introduction of the t distribution. A homework assignment, covering interval estimates is posted. Please, turn it in by Friday 11/13. We should also have an in class test on this topic, presumably on Friday.

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11/3: I have added grades for the first test to the WAMAP gradebook, for those who were not yet registered when I first posted. I see that some of you are still not on WAMAP. Please, take the time to register, following the instructions in the dedicated page. The solutions to today's worksheet are also on line now (without the formulas used, which are available in he cheatsheet, and in the "Materials" page on estimating proportions).

11/1: Scores for the first in-class test are posted on WAMAP. Those of you who did not register yet, I could not post your scores. Please, register now, and I'll update the gradebook ASAP.


10/22: A second solution file for the second homework (on the normal distribution) is linked from the "Homework" page, with a more detailed description on how to find the answers to the questions

10/21: Solutions to the second homework (on the Normal distribution) are linked from the "Homework" page. Also, a sample first test is linked, with solutions, from the "Tests" page. We will have the actual test, presumably, on Monday 10/26

10/20: Tomorrow, Wednesday 10/21, we will work on a worksheet on descriptive statistics. You can check it out, together with a separate solution file, in the "Worksheets" page.

10/19: An example of a data set and corresponding computation of indexes is in the Materials page. We will go over it tomorrow, 10/20.
On another note, you might be interested in checking out recommendations posted to help you handle exams. Look them up at

10/15: Two examples of modeling with normal distributions are posted and linked from the Additional Materials page. We will discuss them, among others, in class.

10/14: Solutions to the worksheet we are currently working on are now posted on the Worksheet page

10/12: Solutions to the homework assignment due today are now posted. Also, a second assignment, due in a week (10/19) is also available, as well as the worksheet we are going to work on in class tomorrow.

10/6: A file with solutions to the first worksheet is now available in the Worksheets page

10/5: A first worksheet on probability is available: we will work on this today (and, possibly tomorrow). Also, a first assignment on probability is available in the relevant section. Please, turn it in by Monday 10/12. Both are mainly supposed to help us get more into the subject, so do not hesitate to ask any question that comes up as you work on them.