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ESL 083: College Bridge

ESL 061-062 RW

ESL 031

Student Resources

 Faculty Resources

Information Literacy




Randall's ESL Listening Lab

listening exercises about common every day activities


California Distance Learning

Reading  & Listening to short articles


The Learning Edge

Reading and listening activities with an online ESL newspaper


Reading Skills for Adults

Print short news stories to practice improving reading speed. Use the chart provided.



Spelling Rules in English

ESL Bits (Advanced Listening)

Academic listening and lectures with text


Academic Earth

Watch real academic lectures from U.S. college professors


Literacy Net

CNN stories for ESL students


On This Day

N.Y. Times newspaper readings for ESL students


U of V Writing Tips

Excellent tips on academic writing, the writing process and essays.


Online Writing Lab (Purdue Univ.)

Grammar Exercises for writing

Learner Dictionary Online

For simple definitions and pronunciation


Urban Dictionary

Look up slang, idioms and other things you hear from Americans


Focus on English

Listening with common American idioms


English Exercises

grammar exercises


Using English

Grammar Handouts


U of V Grammar Reference

A Good Online Grammar Reference