North Seattle Community College Chemistry Labs

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Chemistry 251: Winter 2012

Updated Schedule and handouts found here Jim Patterson's World of Chemistry

Week 1 

No school


Week 2 

Solubility (PLKE #2 part A-D, part E #1) Complete exp #2

Week 3 

Crystallization (PLKE #3A, 3Band 3C)

Crystallization conít

Week 4 

No Lab MLK day

NMR Day! (handout on website)

Week 5 

Extraction (PLKE#4A, 4B and 4D only)

Begin Fermentation of Sucrose

Extraction cont

Week 6


Distillation conít

Week 7 

Biodiesel (handout on website)

Biodiesel cont

Week 8 

No lab Presidents day

Chromatography (PLKE #6 & Handout)

Week 9 

Begin Exp 24  4-methylcyclohexene Do part A only

Finish exp24 /Begin (PLKE#5)

Week 10 

Separation scheme Conít

Separation scheme conít

Week 11 

Practical exam