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Korotkoff Sounds

Interactive Blood Pressure video

Cerner EHR Training Videos!!!  Press Conference with NSCC MA Students 10/5/2010  Frontline Facing Death Show Anatomy Anatomy Anatomy   Flash Cards Online  Radiology Site  Interactive Medical Site    Interactive Anatomy Site  EMR Article!!!  auscultation assistant...hear heart sounds here! American Medical Association AAMA National AAMA WA State Medscape (medical info)  Drugs NOT TO BUY on the Internet  Healthweb (health info)  online health resource site National Library of Medicine  FEMA ONLINE TRAINING SITE DO 100, 200, 700 FOR HEALTHCARE  Videos on Medical Topics (a must see!) Slides Sept 2009-1.pdf.EML/1_multipart_xF8FF_2_BloodBornePathogen Slides Sept 2009-1.pdf/C58EA28C-18C0-4a97-9AF2-036E93DDAFB3/BloodBornePathogen Slides Sept 2009-1.pdf?attach=1   Bloodborne Pathogens PPT WebMD (medical info) Occupational Safety and Health Administration  Standard Precautions and Body Substance Isolation Institute for Safe Medication Practices scrubs to buy online immunization training site used by UW Chemical Sterilants  JCAHO do not use list package inserts for vaccines Center for Disease Control King County Health Department Laboratory Tests info PubMed (medical research site)  Cross Cultural Healthcare Program  also has Bilingual Medical Dictionaries!  VISTA Demo (VA hospital EMR demo)     NSCC Library Link for MA Program Research info  AMA 103 Ethical Paper resource link American Medical Informatics Association  Bioethics info great medical ethics videos  New Food Pyramid  Nutrition info  Top 200 Prescribed Drugs  immunization info Allergy and Asthma info  Good IV Therapy site  IV Therapy site  JCAHO Main Site  CLIA Main Site  Myers_Briggs National Institutes of Health Interactive Tools Normal Lab Values  Reference Ranges for Common Lab Tests  Seattle Red Cross Training  Microbiology and Immunology online  Specimen Preparation  Test Collection Manual  blood typing info  lab test info  drug info   emergency preparedness  environmental safety plan example  personal safety plan example  workplace safety   Health Topics   Medical Dictionary/Medical Abbreviations  Microbiology Specimen Collection  Medical Instruments

MA prescription refill protocol  UW Protocol 

Pharmaceutical Isolator Technology PowerPoint  Clinical Research Info  Clinical Research Books   American Medical Technologists  American Health Information Management Association   Study Skills Self Help Information  Triage Article   Biomedical Ethics  Cultural Competency for healthcare workers...great site   Clinical Education Site   Nutrition    Food Pyramid  Nutrition  How to use a Microscope  Microscope  First Aid Procedures  Pharmacology  Family Practice Medical Information  interactive medical site  Radiology Information   EKG   EKG  EKG  EKG Library  EKG Arrhythmia Review  Interactive ECG site, very cool!!!  Interactive Heart Anatomy site  Phlebotomy  Hematology  Iron Deficiency Anemia   ESR Info   Blood Plasma   Blood Components   Anticoagulants;year=2005;volume=23;issue=3;spage=159;epage=163;aulast=Basu   Microbiology Quality Control   Basic Cell Structure  Role of Insulin in Blood Glucose Regulation   EBV Info   LDL and HDL Info   Blood Groups   AFB Smear   AFB Culture Info   Pulmonary Function Testing Info   PFT Info 2   PFT Info 3   Healthcare Communications   Asepsis   First Aid Mayo Clinic   First Aid Medline Plus   HIV/AIDS   Medical Documentation   Medication Administration   IV Therapy General Info   Great IV info site with awesome pics!   Aseptic Field and Sterile Technique   Sterile Field Guidelines   Aseptic Technique   2008 National Patient Safety Goals for Ambulatory Care   Sighted Guide Techniques   Using Crutches and Other Devices   OB/GYN Info   Pediatrics Info   Visual Guide to the Physical Examination   Physical Exam Videos   Online Searchable Website for ICD-9 Codes  CMS 1500 form   Procedure Codes   WA State Healthcare Directive   Resume Guide   Entry Level Resumes   Mock Interviews   Entry Level Job Interview Info   CMS 1500   Medicare and Medicaid Info   Managing a Medical Office PowerPoint Training Example   Medical News (Free)   American Association for Medical Transcription

Patient Safety PowerPoint Presentation  From a Clinical Research Company   American Society for Clinical Pathology  Procedures for Certified Phlebotomy Technician Examination and Certification   Instructions and Application for ASCP Board of Registry Certification for Phlebotomy Technician (PBT)   American Hospital Association Patient Bill of Rights

Medication Dosage Calculation Review Sheet  Click to give free mammograms to needy women

Injection Review PowerPoint    "Rights" of Medication Administration    Medication Error Prevention   Reading Prescriptions   Avoiding Medication Errors   Drug Allergies   Allergy Medication Info   Anaphylaxis Info   Oxygen Administration Chart$2412   Oxygen Administration Quick Facts   Seattle Community Colleges International Programs   Ambulatory Care Safety and 'Do Not Use' List of Medical Abbreviations from JCAHO   MSDS Sheets Online   MSDS Database    Steps of Chemical Sterilization    Autoclave cleaning.pdf  Infection Control Policy, Disinfecting & Sterilizing Office Instruments.pdf  Instrument Cleaning Guidelines   Blood Pressure Monitoring   "Auscultation Assistant"  Hear Heart and Lung Sounds Here!   Heart Sounds    Heart Sounds and Murmurs Demo    Med Students Heart Sounds    Lung Sounds   Basic Lung Sounds Urine Drug Screening for Family Practice  Urine Drug Screening Dept. of Transportation Protocol ASCO (American Society of Clinical Oncology) CRA Regulatory Issues ASCO Virtual Meetings for Clinical Research  MRSA information  CBS News MRSA Video Clip  Scholarships to 4-Year Colleges via Phi Theta Kappa  EKG Interpretation  ECG Analysis  ECG Info  ECG Interpretative PPT  EKG Analysis Wikipedia  ECG Article  ECG PPT  Psychology Links  Psychology Tutorials  Psychology basic questions and answers  Psychology Basics

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