INFO110   Researching Information Age Issues

3 credits           Starts April 14  (second week of quarter)       Completely Online Course

Open to everybody eligible for (or beyond) ENG101
Special feature:   extra vocabulary support for non-native English speakers!

Here are some Information Age issues you’ll study in INFO110:  How reliable is Wikipedia? Does Google track what I do online? Who cares if the government knows who I call? When does copying count as theft? You’ll also learn Information Age skills -- using shortcuts and powerful tools for research, skipping past ads and getting the  information Google can't reach, inventing really good passwords and using information ethically and legally.


Some special things about this class:  

1)  We start on April 14, which is the second week of Spring quarter.  So if your planned schedule doesn't work out, you still have time to sign up for INFO110.

2)  If you are writing a research paper for another class, you can use the same  topic for the practice research you do in INFO110.

3) The "extra language support for non-native English speakers" just means we'll be a little more explicit about defining our terms and mastering the specialized vocabulary that comes with this territory.   Native English speakers are welcome (and will most likely learn some new words, too.)


Contact instructor Margaret McKibben  at  934-7019 or


Starts April 14

Starts April 14

Starts April 14