Vendors & Distributors
Video, DVD, & Film

A&E Television Network
Official online store of A&E, Biography, and the History Channel.

ABC News Store
Search, locate, and purchase videotapes as well as printed transcripts of various ABC NEWS programs.

Ambrose Video
The core of the collection is from the BBC, public broadcasting, HBO and assorted independent producers. The titles range from the BBC Shakespeare Plays, Public TV's Legacy to Discovery's Connection series. For students from middle school to college.

Alden Films
Videos on Israel and Judaism; special interest videos on art and women's self defense.

American Mathematical Society
Videos of the featured speakers presenting current work in their fields of expertise. The lectures are expository in nature and provide an in-depth look at important trends and active areas in the mathematical sciences.

A unit of The Annenberg Foundation, located at the offices of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Funds and distributes multimedia resources for teachers to help them improve their own teaching practice and understanding of their subject, especially for K-12 levels.

Aquarius Health Care Videos
Health care videos that "help people to help themselves", programs that share people's stories.

Arab Film Distribution
Distributes documentary films with the "Arab point of view".

BBC America Shop
Distributors in the United States of the popular films and television programs produced by BBC.

Bullfrog Films
Educational programs on ecology, energy, agriculture, indigenous peoples, women's studies, genetics, marine biology, sustainable development, community regeneration, economics, ethics, conflict resolution, developing countries, globalization, changing gender roles, and human rights. Styles range from animation to drama and from personal essay to investigative documentary.

CAAM: Center for Asian American Media
Distributes works by and about Asians and Asian Pacific Americans, since 1986, to educational institutions, libraries, community organizations, government agencies, film and art centers, and television.

California Newsreel
Distributors of cutting edge social interest documentaries on pressing national and international issues. Currently a leading resource center for the study of race and diversity, African American life and history and African feature films and documentaries. 

Cambridge Documentary Films
Educational videos about advertising's image of women, domestic violence, trauma, rape, alcohol advertising, eating disorders, self esteem, media literacy, homophobia, the labor movement, gender roles, career counseling, nuclear war, reproductive health hazards, the women's health movement, gay and lesbian parenting and other social issues.

Cambridge Educational
Educational videos, interactive CD-ROMs for Junior-Senior High School, Vocational/Technical, and Adult Education educators.  Concentration on life skills, guidance and career exploration.

CBC Learning
Programs aired on Canada's educational channel.

Concept Media
Nursing and Allied Health videos. Includes some "Early Childhood Education and Psychology/Developmental Behavioral Media".

Crystal Productions
Art education resources for elementary, secondary, and college.

C-Span Video Library
Videos on US Government, Law, Politicians, etc. The C-SPAN Archives records, indexes, and archives all C-SPAN programming for historical, educational, research, and archival uses.

Davidson Films
Specializing in psychology, childhood development, early childhood and primary education, and lifespan/aging.

Direct Cinema
Distributors of videos for educational, business, or community groups. Includes short films and documentaries and films from independent filmmakers and major production companies.

Discovery Network
Videos and DVDs of programs from the Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Planet, Military Store, and Science Channel Store.

Discovery School
Videos and DVDs produced for the classroom, mostly K12, in the subjects of science, social studies, math, language arts, health, foreign languages, and fine arts. These are not programs aired on the Discovery Network.

Documentary Educational Resources
Produce, distribute and promote quality ethnographic and documentary films from around the world by independent filmmakers. Film & Video Finder
Site for independent documentary and instructional media, films and videos on social issues. Allows you to simultaneously search several leading film distributors' complete collections available. Links to distributors such as Bullfrog Films, Fanlight, New Day, Frameline, Women Make Movies, Direct Cinema Limited, New Day Films, and First Run/Icarus Filsm.

Educational Video Center (EVC)
Documentaries by youths focusing on youths on issues such as media and youth culture, gun violence, race relations and environmental pollution.

Educational Video Group Online
Producer of curriculum-based video for classes in speech, social, and political studies.

Educational Video Network (EVN)
Curriculum based educational videos for junior highs, high schools, and universities. Offices are located in Huntsville, Texas, near Sam Houston State University. Includes learning objectives and study questions.

One of the nation’s largest distributors of foreign, classic, cult, art, and hard-to-find videos.

Fanlight Productions
Specializes in healthcare, mental health, professional ethics, aging and gerontology, disabilities, the workplace, and gender and family issues.

Filmakers Library
Collection of award-winning documentary films and videos primarily for educational use.

Films for the Humanities & Sciences
"The ultimate resource for educational media."

Film Ideas
Educational videos, DVD, and CD's for K-12.

First Run Films
Independent, documentary and foreign films since 1979. A reputation for its controversial catalog of daring independent fiction and non-fiction films.

Forward In Time
Educational documentaries for colleges, many produced by parent company Parallel Lines.

GPN Educational Media
Partners closely with organizations such as the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and the National Science Teachers Association—as well as with teachers and state departments of education—to produce teacher's guides and other easy-to-use classroom materials that advance curriculum objectives.  Most titles are produced for K-12, and some for College.

High Plains Films
Non-profit organization specializing in environmental, wildlife, and natural resource issues.

Human Relations Media
One of the leading K-12 publishers of supplemental educational products in the United States specializing in video-based programs in a variety of subject areas including Health, Drug Education, Career Education, Science, Math and Language Arts.  Includes titles for the college level.

Icarus Films
Documentaries for the social sciences. Includes links to scholarly reviews of films and closed captioned titles.

Injoy Media
For educators and health professionals.  Programs addressing childbirth, prenatal care, labor & delivery, teen pregnancy & prevention, breastfeeding, new baby care, postpartum, parenting, child abuse prevention, nutrition & safety, and staff training.

Insight Media
Provider of educational videos and software to universities, colleges, high schools and vocational programs.  Over 900 producers ranging from domestic and international broadcast companies to individual filmmakers, university media departments and trade associations.  Offerings includes over 9,000 titles.

International Historic Films
Military, political, and social history films of the 20th century, mostly war stuff.

Iris films
Films was founded in 1975 by a group of feminist filmmakers to produce and distribute films that creatively address social and cultural issues.

Janus Films
Film distributor of foreign and classic films that are now regarded as masterpieces of world cinema to the United States.

Kol Ami/Sisu
Specializes in Jewish/Israeli music and videos.

L & S Video (Lands Video)
Feature the lives and work of some of the most important American artists.

Landmark Media
Distributors of educational videos for kindergarten to college.  Many series.

Language Quest
Instruction videos and DVDs for over 50 world languages.

Library Video Company
Distributor of educational video, CD-ROM, audiobook and DVD to schools and public libraries nationwide. The company stocks over 17,000 titles covering a diverse range of topics for all ages and grade levels. Includes Schlessinger Video Productions.

Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins
Leading publisher in all areas of medicine, nursing and allied health.

Educational and cultural video production and distribution in the arts, humanities, languages, science and how-to's.

Specializing in nursing education, home health care, patient education, and the dental health team. Offers online previews.

Media  Education Foundation
Produces and distributes documentary films and other educational resources to inspire critical reflection on the social, political, and cultural impact of American mass media especially as it related to children.

Meridian Education
Skill-based educational media ideal for instructors dedicated to the health and service industries.

Moonbeam Publications
Distributors of  titles in video and DVD from National Geographic, The History Channel, A&E Biography Channel, and NOVA.

Movies Unlimited
Resource for thousands of different titles in every imaginable category, including classics from the past, musicals, foreign films, "B" westerns, movie serials, TV shows, and hard to find movies for serious collectors. Includes Oscar Awards information history.

Moving Images
A Seattle non-profit production company producing documentaries that encourage peace, human rights, global justice, and protection for the environment.

Multicultural Books & Videos
Media materials in all of the major and many minor languages of the world.

Multilingual Books
Distributers of videos and DVDs in foreign languages from countries of Europe, the Middle East, Africa, South and Central America.

Mystic Fire Video
Focus on the mystical and mythical, wild art and anthropology.

National Education Video
Provides continuing education videos for nurses and health care assistants throughout the USA, as well as patient information resources

National Film Board of Canada
The NFB's mandate is to produce and distribute distinctive, culturally diverse, challenging and relevant audiovisual works that provide Canada and the world with a unique Canadian perspective.
Carries more than 90 plays on DVD, many of them from the Kultur Films catalog and the Broadway Theatre Archives series.

Books, music, DVDs, and videos available for purchase from PBS.

PBS Shop for Teachers
Videos for teachers, educators, and libraries priced for public viewing.  Not always listed at the general PBS site.

PBS/WNET (Thirteen)
PBS New York Station.

PBS/WGBH Boston Video
Publishers of many PBS programs.

Penn State Media Sales
Exclusive, historic educational titles contributed by post secondary institutions, individual academic professionals and commercial distributors. Includes a fine collection of rare films ranging in subject matter from anthropological and primate study research to psychological and medical research documentaries.

Phoenix Learning Group
Educational media. Includes Phoenix Film & Video, BFA Educational Media, and Coronet/MTI Films. 

Progressive Films
Distributes films and videos, both narrative and documentary, which offer a progressive perspective, promote human rights and are created to advance social justice, multiracial equality and environmental sustainability.

Public Media, Inc.
Educational tapes for public or private elementary and secondary schools, colleges or universities for classroom instruction only. Many foreign language titles available.

Pyramid Media
Distributor of  short films and videos produced primarily for the higher educational market. Includes a special Health Care Catalog.

Quality Information Publishers
Specializes in the development, organization, and distribution of historical and educational movie compilations in digital media formats. Rare film footage from the early 20th century.

RUSCICO: Russian Cinema Guild
World distributor of a collection of the best Soviet and Russian feature, documentary and animated films, as well as of film versions of the best ballet, opera and theatre productions. Restored and remastered in a DVD format.

Sava Film
Specializing in Rocky Mountain subjects, winter driving safety, avalanches, avalanche beacons, and skiing and snowmobiling safety.

Vocational and technical education videos for high schools, vocational and technical schools and colleges, community colleges, and adult education. Topics include engineering, construction, safety, transportation , production, electronics and electricity, communications, manufacturing, and metal technology. Also provides programs on career exploration, job search, and guidance in finding jobs in these areas. 

Biology videos and DVDs.

Spanish Multimedia
Distribute DVD’s, video’s, books (fiction & non-fiction)in English & Spanish or other languages.

Standard Deviants
Educational media for middle school, high school, and college on basic and general skills for all subjects.

StirFry Productions
Seminars and consulting firm for diversity training.

SubCine: Independent Latino Film & Video
An artist-run and artist-owned collective of Latino issue film and video makers.

Sunbursts & Teachers Media (was Video) Company
Specializing in educational videos, posters, and software for K-12.

Terra Nova Films
Produces and distributes videos dealing exclusively with aging related issues.

The University of Maryland Video Press
Produces and distributes video programs for professionals and students in the fields of geriatric health care, pediatrics and education.

Video Aided Instruction
Instructional DVDs/videos on skills development, test preparation, and academic course review featuring real teaching by real teachers combining expert instruction, colorful computer graphics, and state-of-the-art technology, using a step-by-step approach.

Video Distributor Database (Media Resources Center of UC Berkeley)
Last updated 2006. Addresses, phone/fax numbers, website links of distributors and vendors.   Searchable categories are: Documentary, educational, performance video distributors/producers; Studio producers/distributors of theatrical/feature films; Distributors and wholesalers of theatrical/feature films; Used/out of distribution video distributors.

Video Project
A major distributor for the productions of national environmental organizations such as the National Wildlife Federation, Marine Mammal Fund, League of Women Voters, Union of Concerned Scientist and Zero Population Growth, among others, and independent filmmakers worldwide.

Visual Learning Company
Sciences for the classroom.

William Greaves Productions
Leading Black documentary filmmaker.

Wolfe Video
Source for Lesbian and Gay programming on video and DVD.

Women Make Movies
Women Make Movies is a multicultural, multiracial, non-profit media arts organization which facilitates the production, promotion, distribution and exhibition of independent films and videotapes by and about women.

World of Reading
Specializes in Foreign language and ESL materials.

Yash Raj Films
Distributes films in the US produced in India.

Zeitgeist Films
Distributors of foreign and independent feature films and documentaries, mostly from film festivals.

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