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Errata for the 6th edition of the textbook.

There is an electric circuits problem solver book for sale at New and used copies exist. Has hundreds of worked out problems that will help you in several EE classes. Now on reserve at the library! There are also several copies of Schaum's Outline of Electric Circuits in the library collection as well.

Optional Project

4-band resistor color code.

How to read a capacitor.

OrCad Capture download website.

To view some of the files below, you will need to have a PDF viewer installed. If you do not currently have PDF viewer installed on your machine, click on the Adobe Reader icon to download a PDF Viewer: Get Adobe Acrobat Reader

Orcad Pspice Tutorial

Free CircuitMaker software. Similar to Orcad (and it's easier to use, but has fewer features.) Version 6. You can no longer download a free version from the company. This is an old version I had a copy of.

All About Circuits An outstanding open-source online textbook on electric circuits with lots of practical stuff explained really well. Read Volume 1 - DC as soon as you can. Volume V - The Reference is also full of great stuff.

UW EE department.

UW Computer Science and Engineering department.

Seattle University Electrical and Computer Engineering department.

WSU Electrical Engineering and Computer Science department.

EWU Electrical Engineering at North Seattle CC.

SPU Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering department.

UW circuits archive.  Includes links to dozens of other sites.

Tony's Circuits for the hobbyist.  Includes some pretty good electronics tutorials including a good one on the 741 Op-amp.

Bowden's Hobby Circuits.

Equipment Suppliers:

Some Lecture Notes (Note: view these in Internet Explorer for best results):


Lab 1  Due Monday April 23rd. Note that our mystery resister is actually not very mysterious--it is the big bluish colored resistor. Also note that you will not be able to get Vb = 4.85 volts. Just pick two of your resistors that get as close as you can.

Lab 2  Due Monday May 7th. Note: Some of the calculations refer to techniques you will be learning in Chapter 4. You will need to get a few more parts from me as well.

Lab 3  Due Monday May 21st. Don't wait until the last minute to do the lab! You can use an AA battery instead of an AAA battery if you want. Ignore the note that says use a 10k resistor instead of 8.2k. use the 8.2k.

Lab 4  Due Friday June 8th . Don't wait until the last minute to do the lab!

Selected answers to textbook problems for the 6th edition.

Chapter 1 Due Monday 4/9 at 4 pm. Answer key.
Chapter 2 and 3 Due Tuesday 4/17 at 4 pm. You can email it to me or slide it under my door or give it to me in person. Answer key.
Chapter 4 Due Friday 4/27 at 4 pm. Answer key.

Chapter 4, 5 Due day of second test at 4 pm. Answer key.

Chapter 6 Due may 18th 4 pm. Answer key.

Chapter 7 Due may 31st 4 pm. Answer key.

Many of the solutions below are for problems out of the 8th edition of our book:

Example Solutions Homework 1 Questions for homework 1 and 2
Example Solutions Homework 2
Example Solutions Homework 3
Example Solutions Homework 4
Example Solutions Homework 5
Example Solutions Homework 7 Solutions pg. 1  pg. 2  pg. 3 pg. 4  pg. 5 pg. 6 pg. 7 pg. 8
Examples from Chapter 8 Solutions pg. 1  pg. 2  pg. 3 More examples are available on the UW EE215 website.

spring 2011 Test 1 key
spring 2012 Test 1 key
spring 2011 Test 2 key
spring 2012 Test 2 key
Sample Test 3 solutions pg. 1, pg. 2, pg. 3, pg. 4, pg. 5, pg. 6, pg. 7