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Resources for Engineering Physics

How to Print a 3D object using the Z310 printer.
How to set up the workspace in SolidWorks. Note: You may have to scroll down to see the entire screen or to access the animation controls. I forgot to add that you can add text descriptions to your toolbar icons by right clicking on the toolbar and selecting Show Description.
Extrusions in SolidWorks.
Making a coffee cup with SolidWorks. Learn about Revolve, Sweep and Reference Geometry.

Problem Solving Advice By SSCC professor Rick Downs.
Free online storage: 5 GB Thumbdrives are obsolete. Store your files online!
Writing Guidlines for Engineering Students
MIT's Open Courseware website. Take a free course from MIT.
Science Daily A good site for free software including HomePlanet Planetarium software.
The Gimp A great free (open source) version of PhotoShop image editing software.
UW Instructional Center location.
How Stuff Works
The Khan Academy

CSC 142 at Seattle Central CC
Computer Courses at North Seattle CC
CSE 142 at the UW
Intro to programming at Stanford Univeristy. Uses Java.

4 band resistor color code.
How to read a capacitor.
OrCad Capture download website. The UW EE department uses OrCad.
Orcad Pspice Tutorial
All About Circuits An outstanding open-source online textbook on electric circuits with lots of practical stuff explained really well. Read Volume 1 - DC as soon as you can. Volume V - The Reference is also full of great stuff.
UW circuits archive.  Includes links to dozens of other sites.
Circuits for the hobbyist.  Includes some pretty good electronics tutorials including a good one on the 741 Op-amp.
Bowden's Hobby Circuits.
Jameco A good mail order electronics supply company.
Kelvin  Has breadboards and jumper wire kits that are very inexpensive.
Fry's Electronics. Located in Renton at 800 Garden Ave. North. Map
EE 215 Electric Circuits at PSU

References for Mechanical Engineers.
A Statics and Mechanics of Materials class from MIT
A Statics class from the U of Wisconson.
A Statics class from the U of Nebraska
MIT Dynamics class notes

A simple online Chemistry text.
A more advanced online Chemistry text.
Animated periodic table.
Material Safety Data Sheets.
Science labs and demonstrations.
American Chemical Society.
A general Chemistry course from FSU. Has a virtual book and homework solutions as well as sample tests.
UW Chemistry course webpages.

Visual Calculus.
Online linear algebra text.
Differential Equations.
Math for Engineers. A good set of notes that reviews basic math for engineering.
Wolfram Alpha: A great online math calculator--does calculus and more

UW Physics course links
Francois Lepeintre's website. Engineering, Physics and programming instructor at SCCC.
Physics Central from APS.
Basics of Quantum Mechanics.
"Physics Explained"
PHYS 222 stuff from MIT
Physics Open Text Project
Physics 2000. An interactive journey through modern physics.
Animations of physical processes
String Theory website
The Mechanical Universe videos online

An introductory Matlab tutorial
Matlab Resources
Matlab References
Matlab Tutorial
Scilab Open source alternative to Matlab
octave Another open source alternative to Matlab
Matlab Central File Exchange A listing of free m-files

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