CSC 142   Computer Programming I

PREREQUISITES: CSC 110 (3.0 or better) or equivalent, and Math 141

INSTRUCTOR:     Syeda Daniya Nizami

Office:      HS 2641B                               Phone: (206) 934-7050


Office Hours:   Tuesday Thursday 11:00 am - 12:00 pm Or By Appoinment

Class website:  then choose the link for our class. You must create an account. Then use the entry key: 142-02-F15 to access our class material.

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course covers the general principles of modern programming, including how to design, implement, document, test and debug object-oriented computer programs. This course uses the Java programming language.  Topics include objects, messages, expressions, statements, methods, classes, control structures, iterations, arrays and collections.  There will be an assignment due about every week, increasing in complexity.  There will be two midterms and a comprehensive final.

COURSE GOALS: You will be able to...

  1. Make appropriate design decisions (choosing correct data types, control structures, etc)
  2. Implement these techniques using the Java programming language and document, test, and verify your solutions.

CLASSROOM DIVERSITY STATEMENT: Respect for diversity is a core value of NSCC.  Our college community fosters an optimal learning climate and an environment of mutual respect.  We, the college community, recognize individual differences.  Therefore, we are responsible for the content and tone of our statements and are empathetic speakers and listeners.

ACCOMMODATIONS:  In my commitment to student learning I want to support all students. If you have a disability that will affect your performance in this class, please let me know.  Students with disabilities are encouraged to use Disability Services for support in implementing reasonable accommodations.

BE PREPARED:   Computer courses tend to require more homework/lab time than other courses.  Plan on at least 2 hours work outside of class for every hour in class.

TEXT: Building Java Programs: A Back to Basics Approach, Third Edition by Stuart Reges and Marty Stepp, Pearson Education, 2014.




Midterm Exams






Lab activities



Grading Scale

95% and up








< 61%



Missed exams, quizzes, and homework are worth zero, unless discussed with the instructor and approved beforehand.

FINAL:  Wednesday, December 16

SOFTWARE:  We will be using the software BlueJ to write and execute our Java programs.   BlueJ is installed on the campus computers, as well as all the other software we will need.  It is freeware; you can download it to your home computer for free. 

If you are working at home, you will also need to have the JDK (Java Development Kit) installed.  

All the instructions for downloading this software to your own computer can be found on our class website.

HOMEWORK:  Homework will be posted on the class website, and submission of homework will also be through the web.  Homework have a specific date and time they are due.  A late assignment will be marked 10% off if turned in up to one calendar day late.  No assignments will be accepted after that time.  The late policy applies to homework only, not quizzes or labs.

My strong recommendation is to submit your work early, even if only partially completed.  Then, resubmit as you get more of the solution working.  Do not wait until the last minute (literally) because your assignment might be late.   BE CAREFUL!  Resubmitting an assignment is just like saving a file:  it will erase the earlier work and update the time stamp.  The only thing I see is the last file submitted and its date/time.

Though asking for help to solve a problem and bouncing ideas off each other is encouraged, I expect individual work.  Any homework found to be copied or shared will be given a zero to all parties.

Missed exams and homework’s are worth zero unless arrangements are made beforehand.

TUTORING:  You will find CS tutors in the Math Learning Center, found on the ground floor of the HS building.  Their hours will be posted and you can find a link from our homepage.  To find out about other tutoring centers on campus, visit


ADVICE (from previous 142 students)


If you come to class, do your homework and genuinely try to learn the concepts, I promise you to do my best to help you succeed.