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  North Seattle Community College's
Instructor:  Tom Braziunas

Student open24.gif (4553 bytes) Cafe

The Student Cafe is an informal gathering place.  Come on in by clicking on the image belowAny and all casual and respectable conversation can take place here.   Unlike our main class forum, the Discussion Board, conversation here is not "saved" each week for future reference and comments are not "graded."  

Furthermore, comments can be anonymous as well.  If you want to introduce a question or idea in a nameless way, please bring it up here.  However, we still follow the netiquette guidelines as outlined for the Discussion board.  

In addition, this cafe can serve (sorry for the pun!) as an alternate meeting spot if our other class forum (which is on a different "server") goes temporarily off-line for any reason.

Have a seat!   cafetable.gif (10316 bytes)

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