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  North Seattle Community College's
Instructor:  Tom Braziunas

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(click on the "E" above to access your mailbox)

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This class has a built-in email system so none of us needs to use our personal email boxes.  All personal exchanges between instructor and student and amongst students can be handled in this internal email system.   None of us can ever read any messages here unless we are the recipients of the mail.  A list of potential recipients appears when you send a message so you do not have to keep track of who is part of the class.  Documents can be easily attached to emails.

HINTS on using the email system:

  • Please read the HINTS provided for the Discussion Board.  You will notice that the Class Email Room and the Discussion Board look alike. The difference is that the Email Room will have folders such as "Inbox." Many of the same options are part of both places.
  • For hints on attaching documents, see the comments for Discussion Board.
  • Now that we've covered some of the similarities, notice one difference is how you Compose a message.  Whereas the discussion board is for sending public messages to everyone, the main reason for the email room is to send a message to one person privately or a selected number of participants. The Compose message box has a Browse button which allows you to select who will receive your message. By using the Control Key or Alt Key, you can select several recipients at once.
  • Unlike the Discussion Board in which you cannot delete messages once posted, here in the email room you may delete mail in your own mailroom.   Click on "Manage Messages."  Check the boxes in front of the messages you wish to delete and then select the Delete button.

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