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Instructor:  Tom Braziunas

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Many questions and answers benefit everyone.   As the course progresses, common questions and information will be added to this web page.  Please make your suggestions on the Discussion Board and in the Student Cafe and we will incorporate them here as resources for new and ongoing students.

  • What computer set-up works best?
    The online features we are using (WebCT) work best in the Internet Explorer browser.  Please download the latest version of this browser (even if you use AOL as your Internet Service Provider).  The web pages are best read with 800 x 600 resolution (this can be chosen under your computer "Settings").  Finally, pages "refresh" automatically if your browser is configured to check for the latest version every time you visit a web page.  For help in doing this, click here to access WebCT's page on "tuning" your browser:  http://www.webct.com/oriented/viewpage?name=exchange_browser_tuneup#settings

  • What is a good way to start the class?
    Use the links on the left-side navigation bar to find the different web pages of the course.  Carefully read the three parts of the "Syllabus" first.   Then look over the "Schedule" outline for the class (including the "Clickable Calendar").  Then proceed to the "Assignments" link and find your first week's assignments.  Print out this page and use it to work through the week's activities.  Our weeks begin on Thursdays.  Finally, check each link on the navigation bar to become familiar with all the features of the class.

  • What is a good way to do the homework?
    The last thing we want is for hard work to be lost due to a computer crash!   If you compose your essay answers directly online, you can suddenly lose everything you've done (I speak from experience!).  Here's a suggestion on how to avoid this disaster:
    (1) Read the week's assignment page under "Assignments"
    (2) Open your "In box / Out box"
    (3) Open and print out each assignment submission form
    (4) Answer the questions OFF-LINE by circling the correct multiple-choice answer or using a Word Processing program such as WORD to type up the essay answers.
    (5) Once you have completed an assignment, open the submission form again and copy your answers onto it -- copy and paste from your WORD document, for example.  (You may need to use the "Control" and "C" keys to copy from your document, and the "Control" and "V" keys to paste into the appropriate box in the homework submission form.)
    (6) Now submit your assignment.  You have greatly shortened the time you need to be online and you also have a backup copy of all your work on your hard drive in case something goes wrong.

  • What happens if some of the class features do not work properly?
    My first suggestion is to check to see if this is a computer set-up problem.   Do not use the AOL browser which has been problematic for online courses at many colleges.  Click here to download the latest free version of Internet Explorer.   Secondly, check to see if this is a firewall problem.  If you are using a work place computer, try accessing the class from your home computer (many employers have firewalls designed to prevent access to interactive websites).  Thirdly, if you still have difficulties, try accessing the class through the Open Computer Lab on campus.   Check in with the Distance Learning Office (distance@sccd.ctc.edu) for more help.

  • Can we work ahead on our assignments?
    Yes!  Turn in your assignments as soon as you can.  Once all assignments for the week have been graded (check your "Grade book"), the submission form for the next week's assignments will automatically appear in your "In box / out box" homework list.  So a new week's assignments are not available until the old ones have been completed and graded (within several days of each submission).

  • How does email and the discussion board work?
    Check the web page that leads to each of these online tools.  You will find some hints on how to use them at the bottom of these web pages.  If you are having some problems, please let me know and we'll work out the solutions!  (p.s. Thanks for your patience.)

  • What are the options for viewing the videos?
    If you have a high-speed Internet connections (DSL or cable modem), you will be able to stream the videos directly from the website.  If you have a 56K modem or something slower, you will need to view the videos in the campus Media Center (free) or rent them for the quarter for $32.75.  The videos can be shipped to you if need be.

  • How do we view the results of the graded homework?
    To quickly check your grade sheet, visit the "Grade book" web page.   To view your graded document and any comments which have been added, go to your In box / out box.  Check under "Attempts" for links to completed homeworks.   This is how your graded homework will return to you.

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