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Instructor:  Tom Braziunas


inbox.gif (3187 bytes)  In Box / Out Box

Click on the In Box / Out Box icon above in order to access your homework forms.  Once submitted, your homework will be graded and sent back to you.  Remember to compose your answers off-line so as not to lose them if your computer connection fails.  Also, you will want to have a copy on your computer in case the original gets lost in cyber space.   A computer crash is not an excuse for late homework.

NOTE: All your homework assignments have been created on submission forms which are the same as those used for your quizzes.  When you open these forms in your In Box, you will see a page of instructions for taking a "quiz."  Ignore these instructions.  Just click on "Begin Quiz" and your assignment will appear.  Quizzes themselves are labeled as such ("Week 1 -- Quiz", etc.).   These forms have additional features and require special instructions as explained on the "Self-testing" web page.

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