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  North Seattle Community College's
Instructor:  Tom Braziunas

Online open24.gif (4553 bytes) Office

for live online chats

My live online office is an informal gathering place for live chatsCome on in by clicking on the image aboveAny and all casual, inquisitive and respectful class-related conversation can take place here.  In this setting, we continue to follow the netiquette guidelines as outlined for our communication room. 

As noted above, this virtual office space can be opened at anytime However, I will not be there at all times!  So, if you need a spot to meet live online with another classmate, please contact me about use of this room.   The scheduled class-wide meeting times are weekly on Fridays Thursdays  at  7 - 8 PM (with the first week's live orientation session being on Thursday, January 6th, at 7 - 8 PM.)  I am happy to hold online "office hours" and meet at other convenient times for you as long as we set a date and time a day or two in advance.

The conversation here is not "graded."  Its purpose is to help with immediate issues or with situations that benefit from live exchanges.  Since these live meetings are scheduled for about 24 hours before the homework is due, I am thinking that there may be questions about the homework for which a little more conversation might help before it is submitted.

All activities and messages in the weekly meetings (and orientation session) held in the live online office will be recorded.  So, if you cannot attend a session because of other commitments or busy time, you will still be able to benefit from everything that takes place during that session. These recordings will be posted below. 

Here are some other important notes about using the live online office:

  • This live online venue is a product of Elluminate which has been adopted by the Washington State Board of Community and Technical Colleges for instructional and administrative use.  The Elluminate developers have created a series of excellent orientation and guide resources at:
    Please look over these useful materials when you can.
  • The ways we can communicate in the live online office are versatile.  We can use webcams or microphones to chat by voice.  We can also chat just as well by typing into the message box.  The requirements for participating are to have the free "java" plug-in on your computer and speakers in order to hear the audio talk.  You do NOT need a microphone and headset in order to participate.  You can get ready ahead of time by following the short step-by-step instructions at http://www.elluminate.com/support/index.jsp.
  • The live online office includes a "white board" which can be used to collaborate on a written document, present a slide show, demonstrate how the course website or any other website works and do quick surveys.
  • The primary use of this live online office will probably be to clarify aspects of the class and the work associated with it.  But I think it will also be a way just to expand our "presence" in the class and make the online experience more satisfying.

Recordings: The links to past meetings will be posted here early the day after each live meeting itself.

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