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  North Seattle Community College's
Instructor:  Tom Braziunas

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Public Blog
Click on the world to post to our public blog

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This class has a public blog  at blogger logoBlogger on which we will share comments with each other and possibly with others outside the class.  Paleontologists will be asked to read our comments and provide their own.  The author of our textbook may also contribute remarks to this public class blog.

Each week I will pose a topic or question and, in order to earn 10 points, each of us needs to comment on the topic.  The Netiquette policy shown on the communication room web page applies to the blog as well.

HINTS on using the public blog:

  • You may use just your first name, if you wish, to identify your blog postings.  You may also use your last name but it is not necessary.  You may or may not want to identify yourself in this way since this communication tool is public around the world.

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