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  North Seattle Community College's
Instructor:  Tom Braziunas

inbox.gif (3187 bytes)  In Box / Out Box

Click on the In Box / Out Box icon above in order to access your homework forms.  You can also use the "In Box / Out Box" tab at the top of this web page. 

Once submitted, your homework will be graded and sent back to you.  Remember to compose your answers off-line so as not to lose them if your computer connection fails.  This is important, also, because you will want to have a copy on your computer in case the original gets lost in cyber space.   A computer crash is not an excuse for late homework.

NOTE: All your homework assignments have been created on submission forms within weekly "modules" in the In Box / Out Box.  After you finish the week's work and submit it for grading, the next week's module will appear in your In Box / Out Box.  So you can work ahead at your own pace, if you would like, but you need to complete the assignments in order from Week 1 to Week 11.

ALSO NOTE: Homework forms can be opened and closed many times, not just once.  You have an option to save your work and close the form temporarily.  You can then continue with the homework at a later time.  When the homework is completed, then you need to click the "Submit" option at the bottom of the form.  After that, your homework will not be available to you until it is graded and returned.

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