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  North Seattle Community College's
Instructor:  Tom Braziunas

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"Home quizzes" are designed to provide feedback and incentive to learn the basic terminology and scientific information associated with the study of dinosaurs.  Most questions will come from the current week's textbook readings but some may also refer back to earlier weeks or specific communication room conversations.

The quizzes are worth about 17% of your grade.  They require some special instructions as noted below.  You will find the quizzes within the weekly modules in your In Box/Out Box along with the other assignment submission forms.

Quizzes consist of 12 multiple-choice questions (worth one point each) and a short-answer question at the end (worth 3 points).  Unlike other assignments, the quizzes are timed -- you have 30 minutes to complete each one.  You will only have permission to take each quiz once.  Each quiz, of course, is "open-book" but be aware that you may not have time to complete the quiz if you rely on looking up answers.  If you are familiar with the readings and/or have taken some notes, you will grasp the correct answers more quickly.  

The quizzes behave differently than other assignments.  Only one question will appear at a time.  You must answer this question in order for the second one to appear.  This method insures that, if you are "booted out" because of a computer connection problem or mistaken click, you will be able to re-enter the quiz (with my permission) and continue where you left off without jeopardizing the assessment process (no student will be able to change answers or look ahead at questions unfairly).  You need to email me immediately if problems happen!

Once you "begin quiz", the 30-minute clock starts ticking.  So be sure you are in a quiet place with some interrupted time to focus on the questions that will appear one at a time.

A sample quiz has been created to help you become familiar with how quizzes work and also to help identify any changes that might need to be made to your browser settings or security features.  Please take this sample quiz first (the points don't count but completion of the quiz does!).

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