EET 131 Assignments

Cisco Academy and Curriculum  Curriculum and Tests  Weighted/Binary Scores

Angel Interface

EET 131 Syllabus

A+ Essentials Test Preparation Paper 5% Extra Credit

IT Essentials Version 4  Windows 7 Supplement  Windows 7 Labs

IT Essentials Text (Chap 1-5)

PowerPoint Presentations/PDF  

Laptop Simulation (Chap 6)


Movies  Binary, SDRAM

A+ Certification Info

Student Assigned Machines  GX110  GX150  http://www.dell.com/   Gateway

Weekly Assignments: The assignment sheets posted below may be
updated each week.  Check with your instructor before working ahead.   

Study Guide Answers   

     Assignment 1      A+ Certification Info
    Assignment 2    

    Assignment 3    

    Assignment 4     Acceptable Use for MSDN Software Agreement
                     Open Source Defrag Tool Download:   JKDerag    

    Assignment 5     Cintrix Download for Vista  Activate Vista

    Assignment 6        Mid Term Exam,  Laptop Simulation
                        Chapter 6

    Assignment 7        Chapter 7 Additional Resources 

    Assignment 8        Worksheet 8.3.2 Identify IP Address Class Info      IP Movie

    Assignment 9      

    Assignment 10            





Configure Wireless Access Point