Videos: from EET 131, EET 132, EET135, EET136, EET 160, IT101

Electronics Theory  >120 videos
        Intro to Electricity and Electronics  EET 160
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Robotics >120 Videos
            Course:  Introduction to Robotics  EET 136

A+ Certification  EET 131, EET132
        Binary & Hexadecimal
          Introduction to Digital  15:48 min
          Converting Binary, Decimal, Hexadecimal  11:53 min
           Back Up Data Types of BackUp supported by Win XP
          Customize Windows Start Menu   
          IP addressing
          How to configure a Wireless Access Point / Router 
      Slipstreaming Service Pack 2 & 3 into Windows XP Pro   

Microsoft Office 
M.S. Office IT 101