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Points: 10 (6 for answers, 4 for responses)

Due Dates:


Answers posted by the end of Friday, November 21


Responses to others posted by the end of Monday, November 24

This discussion topic was created based on student ideas generated from the first week discussion.

Legalization of marijuana is a controversial topic. Although 16 states have legislation allowing for the use of the drug for medical purposes, the federal government still classifies marijuana as a Schedule I substance. According to the Drug Enforcement Administration, a Schedule I substance has no medical value.

For this week's discussion, students will read the below articles regarding support for and against the legalization of marijuana. They will also perform a basic search to look for information on their own, and comment on the benefits or frustrations of finding credible online resources.

The Patriot's Guide to Legalization (opinion article written by Kevin Drum, Mother Jones, July/August 2009)

Why We Should Not Legalize Marijuana (Commentary & Analysis, Dr. Robert L. DuPont, CNBC.com, 4/20/2010)

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After reading the articles, post answers to the following discussion questions using the Canvas courseware system (after logging in, select HEA150 from "Courses," then find "Week 8 Discussion" in the "Assignments" tab on the left side of the screen) by the end of Friday, November 21:

After reading the articles, answer the following discussion questions in a written summary:

  1. Explain one or more aspects or points in Kevin Drum's article you agree or disagree with, being sure to describe why you agree or disagree.
  2. Explain one or more aspects or points in Robert L. DuPont's article you agree or disagree with, being sure to describe why you agree or disagree.
  3.  Spend 10-15 minutes searching the internet for "pro" and "con" articles regarding marijuana legalization (medical or recreational). After doing so, report on the types of sources you found. Did you find any of them credible? If so, what made the sources credible? Did you find sources that lacked credibility? If so, what about them triggered doubt?

After posting your answers, post at least four (4) responses or questions to other students concerning their answers. These responses and/or questions must be posted by Monday, November 24. Responses and questions should, of course, be posed with a respectable tone. Students are expected to answer all questions posed to them. Responses posed to other students are worth four points total, provided they are posted by the due date.

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Educational Enrichment

Marijuna and Medical Marijuana (New York Times, 1/26/2012)

What is Mother Jones? (Mother Jones)

Legal Recreational Marijuana: Not So Far Out (Adam Cohen, TIME Magazine, 2/6/12)

American Society of Addiction Medicine Reiterates ASAM Marijuana Policy Positions (Press release, 10/27/11)

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