An Introduction to the Historical Geology of Washington State and Southern British Columbia

By John Figge, 2009

Educational Material for Exploring the Regional Geology of the Pacific Northwest
College Textbook, 200-300 level, 395 pages

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Introduction Forward and Preface5477 KB
Chapter 1 Evolution of the Ancestral North American Margin7624 KB
Chapter 2 The Omenica Episode: New Lands Along an Old Coast7297 KB
Chapter 3 The Coast Range Episode: New Lands Along an Evolving Margin9718 KB
Chapter 4 The Challis Episode: The Demise of the Kula Plate12675 KB
Chapter 5 The Cascade Episode: The Modern Regime8675 KB
Chapter 6 The Last Five Million Years: Evolution of the Modern Landscape11338 KB
Appendices Author Biography, Acknowledgements, References2878 KB