Dr. Paul Z. Wu’s Biography

Dr. Paul Z. Wu has nearly 20 years’ experience in developing information systems.  He currently works at AT&T as a development lead and principal application developer in Wireless Network Traffic Analystics with Big Data technologies such as Spark and Hadoop. He has taught computer science (information technology) and mathematics for nearly 15 years. The subjects he taught include but not limit to general computer programming, Java, C/C++, Python, PHP, Web Development, Database Management Systems, Networking and Operating Systems. Here is the showcase http://icoolshow.net/ (Links to an external site.) for his class PHP Scripting (Winter 2015) at LWTC.

He holds Ph. D in math and M.Sc. in computer science from Dalhousie University (Links to an external site.), Canada. He was a receiver of Killam Scholarship from Killam Trust (Links to an external site.).  Here is the Google Scholar link (Links to an external site.) of some research papers he published.

He taught Cloud Computing (Fall 2015) and Cloud Computing Practicum (Winter 2016).

He enjoys the challenge of solving complicated problems using hardware, software, and applied mathematics. He has a great passion to work with various learners. In his spare time he likes reading, swimming and walking.